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She needs no introduction to those who are in the know – she’s a legend in the world of fashion. And she’s still a knockout at the age of 82!! I have to be honest – I didn’t know the extent of Carmen Dell Orefice’s history until I had the chance to work with her recently on a Terry Richardson shoot. After the shoot, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with her and started to discover her backstory. What I have learned about Carmen since makes me feel privileged and humbled to have met her.

Carmen started her carer at a very young age, having been discovered by the great Richard Avedon. She went on to dominate the modeling world and has worked with most of the top fashion talent in the world, including Irving Penn. She was also Salvador Dali’s muse!! I wish a museum would curate an exhibit in her honor because she is a living fashion legend!

Eager to learn even more about her, I, in collaboration with the film maker Joshua Paul Johnson, recently sat down with Carmen in an interview at the new, fashionable Hotel Americano in Chelsea. We talked at length about her life, her perspectives on the fashion as well as new projects on which she is working. Here is an excerpt from our interview – please enjoy!